Asterisk on cellphones

I’m going to get a new cellphone soon, and I was wondering how I would hook it up through Asterisk.

It’s not going to be easy to do this. The way I see it, it’s almost worth going with the regular phone system.

Since you’ll be far out of the range of your asterisk box at home, you’ll have to get internet from somewhere else.

You’ll have your phone provider supply it. Since Voip relies on bandwidth, you’ll use a crap load of that and be charged A LOT from your provider.

Is there any solution?

I hate to say it, but what you said makes almost no sense. A cell phone is “just a regular phone” going through the regular phone system. If you wanted to be able to call into your asterisk box, you’d have to set it up to answer regular phone calls - using something like digium hardware.

Now if you want to have “cheap” phone calls, you have something like verizon’s “fav 5”. Put your asterisk box on a line thats in your “fav” and then setup the asterisk box so that you can turn around and call back out from asterisk box using some other termination system.

If you clarify what you want to do, might be able to help.

Ok. I just want to be able to use my cellphone, but not use the regular cellphone service providers.

Is there a way to do this? I’m sorry, I just don’t have any experience with Asterisk + cellphones.

Well the problem is you can’t use a cell phone in any way shape or form w/o the providers service. This isn’t an Asterisk issue, this is the simple fact of cell services. No service = useless phone.

What I think you want to do, is to be able to use VoIP at any location. If this is the case, you have two options.

1: Purchase a VoIP Wifi phone. I know skype sells a few (Don’t work with Asterisk - but its the same end goal). I’m sure there are a few that are SIP compatible - but I haven’t tried any.

2: Buy a really really expensive cell phone that also doubles as PDA (like a Cingular 8525). On that, run SIP compatible software - I don’t know of any - but there may be some.

Depending on how much you use your cell phone you can do the PDA method a bit cheaper, forexample get a smart phone w/ windows mobile 2003 or 5 and then install SJphone. Purchase an unlimited data plan from your provider only and not an actual voice line (i believe some providers allow this) then you should be good to go. Now i haven’t done this w/ a smart phone, only PDA’s but in theory it should work, and i’ve been planning on doing it once i get a litte extra money to buy a smart phone.

[quote=“gloomer”]Ok. I just want to be able to use my cellphone, but not use the regular cellphone service providers.

Is there a way to do this? I’m sorry, I just don’t have any experience with Asterisk + cellphones.[/quote]

My Nokia N73 cellphone doesn’t have WiFi but my wife wants me to buy her a Nokia N95 which does.

Yes, you can download SIP phones for Symbian (the operating system which Nokia uses) but you’ll only be able to use it in WiFi hotspots or ithin range of your home WiFi. A quick search comes up with this one but I don’t know if its any good.

You can use it with Asterisk in the same way as any other SIP phone, however you’ll need to setup your firewall to allow the SIP and RTP ports so you can connect to your server from outside your home.

So if your in a big city, you can almost have constant service?

And what do you do? Connect to your asterisk box through someone’s Wifi?

How difficult would it be to set this up?

Yes, a PDA with Windows Mobile and WiFi card or Pocket PC with WiFi card will get you unto any WiFi connection. Then you can install a softphone such as the one from counterpath (the makers of xlite SIP softphone); … &smenu=PPC and you should be good to go.

You have a few options.

Probably the most reliable is to get one of those ‘my circle of friends’ type plans and put the * box in it. Then have * forward calls to the cell in such a way that the caller id is dumped. You lose the caller id but you won’t be charged minutes. Then to make a call, call the * box. Put in a code for DISA and dial out. It’s a pain but should work.

Now you can also get some kind of smarter phone. Nokia makes a number of phones that also have VoIP clients in them, pocket PC phones work too. The VoIP will of course work when you are in range of a hotspot.

IF you have enough bandwidth on the cellular data network, then you can use it for VoIP. That means cingular (if you have 3g), verizon or sprint; no Tmobile (not yet at least).

Okay maybe i’m missing something here, but if ANY knows ANY reason that this wont work let me know…

Can’t you just purchase a smart phone, and then purchase (say from Cingular) a DATA ONLY connection/plan… This would mean you DONT get a phone number from cingular but you could then setup a softphone on the smartphone and connect it to your asterisk box at your home or work and use that to place the calls as if you were a local extension?

oh yeah thats the other thing- some cellular providers block VoIP from their data network. You might have to change ports or use a VPN or something.

Also data network coverage varies. Usually the fast stuff (3g type) is available in many areas, but get too far off the beaten path and you go back down to evdo rev0 / 1xRTT / EDGE / GPRS / etc and that can make VoIP work badly or not at all. And if you get TOO far off the beaten path you may not have data at all.

Plus which if you travel, chances are data roaming fees will be higher than cellular roaming…

The other thing to keep in mind on a cell data connection is the latency. I don’t know about others, but I typically get a ping of about 500ms using my cell for data connections (and thats when its not doing anything).

very true. It also varies by technology. Using a Sprint data card I get about 60-80ms latency on Evdo, a bit more on an old 1xRTT cell (RTT tops out at around 80kbit/sec or so).
GPRS/EDGE is another matter, on GPRS with another device I routinely get 500-1000ms latency, which makes it very unsuitable for VoIP. UMTS / HSDPA (aka 3g) is supposed to make this better…