New user questions

Hope you don’t mind I have a few new user questions :smile:

  1. Is there any difference between Asterisk & AsteriskNOW ?
    I mean functions and usabillity ?

  2. Can I brand the front end so my users never see the words Asterisk or AsteriskNOW ?

  3. Can I use IP, Analogue and or ISDN with this ?

  4. Any PC based user applications ?
    Some systems come with a ‘phone manager’ application is there anything similar ?

Thanks :smile:

  1. AsteriskNOW is just a linux distribution with asterisk installed. This makes installation and updates easy for the linux newbie.

  2. I havent seen AsteriskNOW but my guess is you can just replace the logo and maybe modify the webpages slightly and have a complete rebranding.

  3. Yes and many more (look in the wiki under Channels)

  4. There are couple. What do you want the application to do? (again look in the wiki under “Management Tools”)

What do you want the ‘phone manager’ to do? There are several apps that may or may not do what you want (both free and paid).

Asterisk 1.4 (and AsteriskNOW) have a built in GUI that will allow you to build dialplans, extensions. trunks, etc.

FreePBX is s seperate project but is much more feature rich.