Differences between AsteriskNOW and Asterisk from scratch?

Hi everyone again,

What is the difference, besides ease of installation, between AsteriskNOW and Asterisk installed from scratch?

Can an AsteriskNOW installation be upgraded with other linux apps normally, like MySQL, PHP (if not included), or any other app that I want.

If so, can I compile from source or download tarballs and us them, etc, what about RPM’s.


come on people, any help?

This is all information that is easily discovered by reading an absolute minimum of info on the asterisk.org site.

AsteriskNOW is custom distribution that includes Asterisk+Linux+GUI so that you don’t have to install separate things. It is not designed for any one part to be upgradeable. Only as a whole

You can also make your own custom install of Asterisk +Whatever Linux you want + whatever GUI you want. All 3 of those things can be the same make and version as what AsteriskNOW uses or they can be some other combination.