Configuring sip.conf

Hello.I am a newbie in asterisks and am trying to configure the sip.conf problem is am i supposed to create a new sip.conf file or edit the sample sip.conf file in “cd /etc/asterisk/sip.conf”.if i am to create a new one how do i create it and what name do i give to it.the same also goes for the extensions.conf file.thanks

TO create it use your preferred editor, like nano or vi, you need to have only one sip.conf in /etc/asterisk/ to create it from new, read the sample file. or edit the existing doesn’t matter. Take a look in google and check the many docs in the web like this.

The same for extensions.conf. In the files provided you will see all information front the line in the comment section.

@navaismo…am using nano as my text editor.since am a newbie i don’t want to edit the original sip.conf file.i want to create a new one.But as u said i can only have i sip.conf file in /etc/ where is the new sip.conf going to be located and will it have the same file

Only creata your new one and the original rename like sip.conf.old or sip.conf.back and you can have it in the same place asterisk only load the sip.conf.

thanxs.i ll try dat n c