VoIP server Configuration

We have a server with centos. We are planning to use it as VoIP hosting server; so we could provide VoIP services to many costumers. We are beginners to this field and we are aiming to build our system by our own efforts. First we had installed asterisk on the server then we installed Asterisk GUI so we can configure it, but we face many problems such as:

-How to configure the SIP file
-How to build the dial plan
-We think that the installed Asterisk GUI is for PBX application. can we use it to configure our system?

Can anyone help…? Can you provide us with proper steps needed to complete our job…? we read many and many documents, but we still cannot make our system work.

Sincerely yours

You might try posting something in the jobs section. For a cost, you may find someone there willing and able to teach you.

This is a user support forum. Generally support provided is for a specific type of issue. Not broad ones.