New to Asterisk - Need Some help

Hello. I wanted to make an old computer to a SIP -PSTN Adapter. the computer has inside 56K Regular modem, and I was wondered if Asterisk is able to do that, or maybe an another software, service or tool which can help me to do this.

hi Dear friends i need help any one is there please help me-- i need to know asterisk server using linksys pap2T for call shop for that reason So i want to study and want to know about asterisk server- So who can i start i think here lot of wise man in the forum --Please response me my yahoo id is thanks

AFAIK you can’t use any modem. You need a specific card (from Digium, Sangoma etc.) or you can get an ATA with an FXS/FXO (such as one from Linksys).

I am using an Eternet card in my staging environment…so I don’t think you have to have a card from Digium…although, I will when I decide to do some more testing and release to production.

Ok, start here
then you wont need an Analog card or ATA if you want to do purely sip…
Now if you want to use a pots line into the system from the phone company and sip phones you will need a FXO card or FXO ATA. If you want to use your cordless phone or house phones with that as well, you will need a FXS card or FXS ATA. They make ATA’s and cards that have both FXS and FXO on both. Most of all read that book at the top of this post.


I am new to this service so would like to know when building Asterisk Server how to we be begin to receive calls, do we need to buy phone numbers or does the system generate a phone number for you,