Can i just use a modem?

Hi! Simple doubt,

I only need an internal pabx, no need for a voip service provider, and i need everyone inside to be able to dial out, (not at the same time)

So, do I need an ATA card to work with askterisk? or can I just use a internal modem to answer the phonecalls and route them with asterisk?

I’ll be using softphones now, but later id like to just plug some ip phones into the network.

small office, 10 people max.

If this works, can I have 2 regular modems and use 2 different phone lines?

one more thing, can i connect with the asterisk system remotely via internet, with this kind of setup and stil hear my voicemail or make a phone call thru it?

You nedd an ATA device (fxo gateway) or an internal card with fxo ports.

Yes, you can do this.


Marco Bruni

ya man,
Dont need to worry, just get a FXO line card, and use it with asterisk

inbound —> FX0 --ASTERISK —>user
user ===> make outbound --> asterisk fxs

if u need any help just let me know