Need help making a decision

I am newbie in this field. I want to setup a Asterisk running VoIP system in my home for learning purpose. As i am a student and learning things i need some help deciding something.
can anyone tell me:
If i had some number from some VoIP provider in US and want my own Asterisk server running on my PC. Can it be possible for me to configure this architecture without any hardware as my basic need is recording incoming calls.
I just want to know is it possible to run a VoIP-Asterisk architecture without using any hardware?

Please help me.
Thanks for any advice.


for VOIP only you just need a pc and a network card.

A network card means a NIC card.
I shall connect my PC with the Broadband Cable and where i shall put that card into. Please tell me more elaborately.

Thanks for reply.

What more information do you need ? You asked if you need any hardware and you were told you need a NIC. what else do you want to know ?

Thanks for your reply. I want to know the flow of the call. I can not understand if i’ll not go for any kindof hardware then what kind call flow will be there?
Just tell me how is that possible.

Thanks in advance.

Very simple if your computer is connected to the internet it will register with your ITSP (you need to sign up with one). When you get a call it will come via the internet to your server and then your server will send it to where ever you told it to send the call based on your dial plan settings.

thanks a lot for helping me.