New to Asterisk, Hoping to gather some info

Hi all,

I tried searching, but never really hit on anything that fully answered my questions, although I did find out some good information along the way.

Basically, here is what I have and what I would like to do.

I am in charge of setting this up for a small business,
I have 4 landlines (or really 1 landline with 4 lines i guess).
I would like to set it up so that when someone calls, first they are greeted with an automated message, then it rings through to us so we can answer it. I would also like the calls to automatically be recorded.

Should be fairly simple I imagine, and eventually I would like to implement a system where they press different numbers for different options, before it sends the call through to a real person.

I cannot use anything that requires internet access, as the internet here goes down too often.

From what I understand, I need a dedicated computer running Linux (which I can manage), and need to purchase a card from Digium to run the lines through. After that I just need to create the code for everything.

So, which card would work best for such a project? And does what I laid out seem like the best route to take to accomplish this? Any help would be greatly appreciated.

You need a card like the Digium TDM 410 with 4 fxo modules.

Not sure if is the best, for sure it will be a good route.

What type of phones do you plan to use (if you plan to use old alnalog phones you’ll need more hardware) ?


Marco Bruni

Thanks for replying. That information helps me a ton!

These are the exact phones we are using at one of our locations: … hones.htm#

So, would they require more hardware?

Thanks again!

Can’t tell you if you can use this phones with Asterisk, they seems digital (proprietary) phones, with Asterisk you may use analog, isdn, sip and iax phones; try ask to your supplier.


Marco Bruni

You cannot use the Avaya Partner phones with Asterisk, they are digital phones.
check your PM
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