New setup.. and not doing well

Short version: I need help am working tonight (845Pm now will be up to 12AM EST) if anyone sees this and can help now great… I am willing to pay or trade for services, else I could schedule some time later and we can work togather. I will need to ultimately do it at night so I can pull the PRI T1 from my BCM and plug it in on my Asterisk box for testing.

I am extremely new to this, and am trying to stage a new asterisk server which will end up relacing my Nortel BCM50.

No more then 10 IP-phones connected at a time… probably not more then 3 calls at once. Excvept for conference calling which I would like to enable for upto 10 callers.

Hardware: Dell Poweredge SC1425, Dual Zeon 3.2 CPUs, 4GB RAM, 160GB 10K SATA drives, Digium TE410P card installed (not sure it’s configured right.) Centos 5.2 loaded and up to date.

Right now I just want to get 2 internal softphone registered and talking to each other for testing.

In the end it will look like this I hope

Centos 5.2 - Astrisk and SugarCRM loaded
Asterisk server with interface w/SugarCRM
T1 PRI with 100+ DIDs
several SIP softphones
several SIP Hard phones
and Several SIP Wi-Fi phones for access throught Firewall for field engineers


I have a CallVantage account (My RI office) with a Dlink router to analog, I’d like to try to port these 2 lines into my Asterisk box if possible, if not no biggie.

I can be reached by cell @ 603-305-7711 or by email @

If you still need help you can IM me and I can try to help you out for free if I have time.