New Install: ztcfg saying "unable to open"

I have just compiled asterisk on Fedora Core 3 but cannot get ztcfg to work. My card is a TDM400P (1 port FXS and 1 port FXO). If I do a modprobe wcfxs - The lights come on and I get no errors, but if I do a ztcfg - I get "line 0: unable to open master device ‘/dev/zap/ctl’ 1 error(s) detected.

Can anyone steer me in the right direction to find out what is the problem? Is it possibly a hardware issue?


John Jasper

Since you are on FC3 you are using a 2.6.x kernel and udev.
Please read the README.udev and make the additions to the udev config files. After a re-boot you should be fine.

Oh, and do you even have a /dev/zap/ctl device, and what are its permissions?

You also may need to wait a bit for udev to catch up with the modules you load. So, if ztcfg fails, wait a bit, and try again.

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Just for the FAQ, what did you do to get it working.
The next time this comes up we can help more efficient.

I did it yesterday, but not sure what cured it - I downloaded asterisk again, recompiled everything, took the card out and put it back in - changed around the zapata.conf and zaptel.conf files and kept trying.

What a horrible explanation, I don’t know which step did it, I’m sorry to say.