Help Please

Hi all
Ive just started useing Asterisk I have followed the getting started guide
by Andy Powell all went well until I ran ztcfg -vv
I get this error

No isa tormenta card found at d0000
Notice:config file is /etc/zaptel.conf
line0 unable to open master device /dev/zap/ctl
line 158 channel 1
already configured as fxs kewlstart at line 1
2 errors

can somebody help me put please ,can I just say that I have never used linux before but am injoying learning,so please be gentle with me.


What type of zaptel hardware are you using? Also you tried to configure channel 1 twice in zaptel.conf. Also what distro are you using? This error may be because udev is not configured correctly or because you did not load the proper zaptel modules.