New in Asterisk Need Help

Hi guys,

I’m new in asterisk and need help.
I am using asterisknow and i have made some extension working with soft phones and 2 hard.
Now i want to make call outside and also receive calls.
And for this i have some problems.

1.When i make calls outside it works but when i call someone i can not hear the tune its just silent. And when he answer again its silent no one can hear.

if the guy that i have called cancel the call on my phoens still showed calling .

And sometimes later 2-3 minutes the Asterisk server calls by himself the same number that didn’t answer.

Hope someone can help me.
Thank you

You will need to provide logs and details of your configuration, both of Asterisk and the network.

Logs should start at verbosity 5, but you may need to turn on debugging, depending on what the logs show and the channel technology you are using.

Note that Asterisk doesn’t use the term “extension” in the way that you are using it, so it is possible you have a FreePBX issue, for which you want

Failure to reverse clear for 2 to 3 minutes is normal for calls to PSTN landlines, although, in the UK, this has mainly been replaced by a few seconds. The other symptoms suggest you are using SIP to access the PSTN (you didn’t say) and have a NAT configuration problem.

(Typically the PSTN called party generates a CLEAR but not a RELEASE, allowing them to pick up the call on another instrument, and generate a REANSWER. The network evenutally forces a RELEASE, but this can take up to about three minutes.)