Noise in outbound calls

Hi there

I just have installed Asterisk and FreePBX over a Ubuntu 14 Servre marchine. Everything seems to work fine and now I already have created my trunks, extensions, groups… etc.

The only problem I have is that for outbound calls is that after I restar Asterisk, if I wait 10 mins, then for outbound calls the communication is full of noise and I am not able to talk to the other side of the line.

I am able to fix this gettin in the CLI interface and running the command " core restart now". Once this is done, the issue gets solved, but only again for 10 mins.

I have asterisk configured with two different VoIP providers, so I dont think it could be an issue on their side.

Is there any workaround I can follow to get rid of this noise in outbound calls, and not restarting asterisk every 10 mins?

Thanks a lot.

Firstly you have to work out what the noise represents. VoIP won’t introduce simple noise, but you could get issues if you have excessive jitter or packet loss. I find it very difficult to imagine a cause related to the uptime of the PABX, rather than the duration of the call, but I would look for resource starvation.

What specs does your box has? When you are having the problem, run top to see cpu utilization to see if anything is depleting your resources.

Hi there, first of all thanks for the suggestions.
Duration of the call should not be an issue, as this happens already when the phone rings you can hear the tones quite badly.
Also the systema is a 8 GB RAM and Intel I3, with 500GB of space. The whole box is totally dedicated to Asterisk and FreePBX.

After running top, I can see that the CPU utilization is 4,6%.

Any test steps, or guides I should follow?. As I have explained before, this issue gets solved as soon as you restart asterisk, and you can make a call with no issues, but after 5- 10 mins noise comes back.


In your sip trunk options test the following


and try again.

Hi there
I have done so and for the moment goes fine… will leave it a couple of days and will update the post

Thanks so much!

Hi Again

After one week, the chage applied and sugested by astbox works fine!.

Thanks a lot for the help!!