New - Can Asterisk?

New to Asterisk and still reading and learning about the functions.

Before I install it and test out some features:

Can Asterisk query a database and return some results via Text to Speech?

I want an automated system to enter a zip and return locations, then give the caller the option to transfer to that location.

Any help, details, documentation, examples, anything is appreciated.



From what I read I think I am good.

Is there anything I need to watch out for or not do?

I’m fine with getting a server and doing it all myself but for the sake of time can the Appliances or the SOHO do what I need as well?

I liked the Text to Speech from what I heard.
I may just need to phonetically Spell out stuff so it will sound correct.

Does anyone have any comments or even offer to help program for a price? I’ll post in the other forum as well I may not have time to do it all for this startup…