Does Asterisk Support Speech to Text API

Hi All,

Does asterisk support speech to text ?

Yes, but not by itself. With the help of the System() dialplan application you can use pretty much anything.


Can you plz help like how to initiate this ?

  • I want that on a call when a customer says desired input from Menu, this should be converted from speech to text and further the call flow will change as per the text

Oops! I got it the other way around. You may want to look at this: Speech Recognition API - Asterisk Project - Asterisk Project Wiki


I have gone through the link.

Where – Grammar: company-directory.gram– this file will be created and how ?

Also where to get The Asterisk Speech Recognition C API

Please suggest.

It’s an internal development API. It requires a C module to be written to connect to a speech engine. It does not, out of the box, allow you to do speech to text. There’s nothing in Asterisk to do that out of the box.

A lot of people have used Google’s services for this, and it should be easy to find examples, although I would have concerns about confidentiality - you should do a GDPR assessment, if subject to it. There is speech recognition software that has interfaces available for Asterisk.

So the only solution is to use third party Speech to text API like Google or AWS ?

It can be local software, as well, e.g. the first hit I found was:

(There may be open source ones, but speech recognition is one of those areas where it is difficult for open source to compete. However, if you have written your own engine, it should not be difficult to interface it.)

Thankyou All for your responses and guiding through .

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