Asterisk Speech Recognition | IVR Speech To Text

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Today I’m here to discuss one more Asterisk feature Speech Recognition and we can say Speech to Text I would like to add your opinion in this, which is the best Speech Recognition API for Asterisk IVR.

Let me explain here :
I want to build a custom IVR in which user will listen some questions in sequence like
What’s your name ?
How Old are you ?
Where do you leave ?
Now, he has to reply in his/her original voice.
Let suppose My name is John then I’ll speak John | 29 | USA
System will automatically convert my speech to text.
I know Google Speech to Text API is available for this requirement
But I want Is there any other open source in built Asterisk API
which is the best Speech To Text API for Asterisk

Pleas share your suggestion

My AIM is to compare Google Speech To Text API with other’s


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Hey Tech Guru Kindly suggest

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