Need to rebuild server


We have 2 offices.

Site A head office: Running Elastix and taking calls from 6AM to 5PM. Site A has PBX already configured and has an IAX trunk configured with the following.

host=ip of my pbx server

Site B outsource call center: had a server running vicidial and the agents at site B connect to the server there locally and only use it for inbound calls starting at 5PM. If clients call the main line in site A and press 1 or 2 it gets routed to our PBX.

The problem is the server in site B crashed (hard disk) and we have no backup. I’m unsure how to set it up so I can again start accepting calls again using our own PBX.

Could someone guide me on what I should setup in order to get this running again.

Everything was working fine before the crash so configuration is just really on site B.


can you send email to sales at

any suggestions on this? I can install the server i just need to know if the config listed is what i put in site b

I guess I saw this same project on the VICI forum, I would like to help you, but Asterisk is not a copy and paste system, most of the time things need to be setup according to your environment

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