Setting Up my Asterisk GUI for Asterisk 18

Hi all !

I just set up Asterisk 18 on my Ubuntu Server 22.04 and everything works fine. My issuu happen when I try to enable the GUI interface. I can reach the http interface but when I enter the credential it keep loading

Creating a config file to store GUI preferences.

and on the CLI I have this error message

WARNING[41798][C-0000065c]: pbx.c:2934 pbx_extension_helper: No application ‘System’ for extension (asterisk_guitools, executecommand, 1)

GUI ???
Asterisk do not have a GUI as far as I know
where do the GUI come from
Asterisk GUI is no longer maintained and should not be used 2013

Although, Asterisk GUI is long since dead, your actual error means that you didn’t load

There are GUIs for Asterisk, but they are not supported here. FreePBX is one of them but there are others. FreePBX has optional, but frequently used, closed source components, some of which attract licence fees. Others are rather more closed.

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