Need some hints for callcenter development

hi folks .
actually i want to start to build from scratch callcenter with basic stuff .
to be honest i used elastix callcenter the free version and i liked it much .

actually i was trying to build small webpage that can callback extensions and let them login after user set the pwd.
the basic dial plan i used was like below,

agent => 1001,1001,Wayne Kerr

member => Agent/1001

exten => 28,1,AgentLogin(1001)


from ex i dial 28 and then I’m logged inside .

so again all i need is the asterisk cmd that get 2 variable ex & agent and let the system originate call and then the user login after he put the pwd that exist in the file agents.conf

not sure if i need to modify the dial plan above or need other function

thank you so much

If you are planning to initiate the callback call from a Web app, I will suggest you start AMI Originate Action and Local Channels, PHP is the easiest programming language to complete this task…

And remmember, according to the Asterisk documentation

> The best way to implement queues is through the use of SIP channels. There are two reasons for this. The first is that SIP channels are the only type that provide true device state information. The other reason is that agents are always logged in when using the agent channel, and if you’re using remote agents, the bandwidth requirements may be greater than you wish.