Remotely logging agent on call w/o SIP

Hi everybody,

I’m searching a way to configure Asterisk to manage remote login of agents operating from anywhere but not on SIP session with the PBX so that connection have to be established on regular phone lines by giving information about authentication + callback number (handling responses on IVR schema and DTMF).

Currently using such a configuration on Alcatel, Asterisk could be a great alternative.

Is there anyone knowing how to do this ?

Should be possible on Asterisk. Can’t tell you how exactly, because you gave too little details. But I sense it’s a combination of IVR and AstDB/external database entrys. There is more than one way to implement this, but all methods require some manual dialplan coding.

It’s definitively possible with asterisk but there will be the need of dialplan-coding and - depending on the amount of agents and comfort You wish to get - the need to choose a configuration backend for authentication information as well as channel-informations (callbacknumbers of agents).

Thanks for responding so quickly.

As far as I understand Asterisk I think the deal would not be as simpl as it seems because we have to deal with 2 (or even 3) steps :

  1. registering agents using their callerID as callback-channel + registering all in permanent storage (DB)
  2. when managing calls to distribute (let’s say on a queue) to go get connection channel effective with the agent on his callback-channel before sending call process with the initial caller (here the PBX manage 2 calls + automatic transfer)

the 3rd step would be the same of 1. or unregistering connection and/or presence and/or status

I’am glad to know that it could be possible on Asterisk but if you could give me a hint for step 1 and 2, it would be very nice.

Thanks in advance

Your “step1” (as well as the “step3”) has to bee developped individually (as a hint: Your agents need to dial a special “registration/deregistration number” (eg with an IVR) and - when connected - a dialplan-logic need to do the rest (registering/unregistering the agent for one or more queues or whatever Your goal is)

Step 2 is standard if You use Asterisk-Queues (and the agents are registered/unregistered to these queues with step1 rep. step3)

Ok I see how to do it with Asterisk.

Is there a way to do this with Switchvox ?