Need help with the basics


I am trying to get a system where I can call outside and inside, but for some reason I can not get it to work. I have opened another topic some time ago where I asked for help, but so far nobody has responded.

So I was wondering if somebody could supply me with the absolute basic files in which I have one SIP user who can get called from outside, and can call outside as well.

btw: for the record I have a QuadBRI installation here working with ISDN2.

The probable reason you’ve had not replies, is that your question is too nebulous. Try an be a little more specific. Have you run ‘make samples’ ? Have your read the config files.
Asterisk is great, but it does require some personal experimentation to get there.

What would really help is an output of the cli. ISDN is a tricky one to start with.