Need Help With Asterisk + Cisco + Generic EPAPX with PRI/E1

I’ve an Asterisk 1.4 Box with 100 Users and Traditional EPABX with 300 Users. The EPABX Vendor is willing to provide me PRI E1 connectivity. But the Business Owner is insisting on not using any internal PRI Card and needs to Interface it using External Cisco Device/Router with PRI E1 Interface connecting to EPABX and LAN Port connecting the Asterisk Server.

Now the requirement is, what do i do and how do i do. What Cisco hardware configuration is required and how do i emulate channels on Asterisk(if it is ever possible). Or do I need to create separate sip accounts of the 30 channels and configure the cisco device to login… or there is some other way to do it… Please help me. :unamused:

I recommend using a SIP gateway. I’ve only personally used the Digium G100, but there are other manufacturers of gateways as well.