Building Asterisk with E1 interface to cisco router

Before jumping into real stuff, I must admit that I am a beginer to asterisk and have tried to search for the answer in all the limited documentation and forums. I’ll really appreciate if you can direct me to documentation/other-posts/right solution for problem explained briefly below. Please feel free to let me know that I should include more details to help you in order for you to help me on this.

The problem:

We are trying to setup an environment where POTS phones/faxes are converted to E1 channel (no voip only TDM) which further feeds into a Cisco router. As I understand, any of T1/E1 card (like Digium TE220B) along with any other FXO card should be able to help me achieve this. However I am confused how should the E1 channel be configured (I am not able to find details anywhere so far). I have already started downloadin asterisknow to try it (ofcourse I’ll be bying hardware as soon as I have some comfirt level in solution) but I’ll really appreciate if someone could guide me in right direction for these requirements.


First of all I’m not speak English very well.
I have working Asterisk with Cisco very well, and in this way Asterisk doesn’t have any interface to connect to the E1 line, only Cisco router does. But if you want a configuration for this interface (TE22B), I think that the “te400series-user-manualâ€

Thanks for your help rogergscuall, I am downloading the manual right now and will go through it.

Again, Appreciate your help!!