Parked Calls, Callback

Hello, all.

Right now I’ve got Asterisk deployed for about 30 users and a call center. It works great, and I’ve got just about everything working the way I want.

I’ve got one small thing, that’s not really urgent, but that I’d like to get working.

We use call parking pretty extensively, and I simply cannot figure out how to get a callback at the end of the duration. As a result, I’ve kept having to increase the park duration, as I can’t figure out how to initiate a callback from a parked extension. Right now, none of the parking is done through the dialplan. I’m using the default extension 700 for parking and a lot from 701 to 750.

If anyone can point me in the right direction, as to what variable contains the information about which extension parked the call, and how to access it, I’d greatly appreciate it. I do know that upon timeout, it does look for the timeout extension in context park-dial, but from there I don’t know which variable to use to get the call information. So…any help would be lovely.

Thanks in advance,