Need help integrating Mitel SX-2000 Light with Asterisk


First of all, thank you for offering this great resource. I’m fairly new to the Asterisk community and I think Asterisk is absolutely amazing.

I would like to integrate our current Mitel SX-2000 Light with Asterisk. We have 4 PRI circuits coming into the Mitel system and there is another PRI card in the system that is not being used. A CAT 5 cable is plugged into it but the other end of the CAT 5 cable is not plugged into anything. I was told that it used to be used to allow dial-in access to remote users via a modem bank. I would like to know how I can view the current configuration for this card and then program it to talk to the Asterisk server via a T1 connection. I’m not a Mitel expert but I do know how to navigate around the forms menu.

Thanks again and I would greatly appreciate your help. Getting the Asterisk server integrated with the Mitel server will save my company a lot of money.