Asterisk integration with Mitel 3300

Hello ,

I have a Asterisk system(open source build) which works well with the SIP based soft phones.
I want to connected Asterist system via a SIP trunk to a Mitel 3300 PBX ,the connection to the PSTN is on the Mitel side. Could you please suggest me how do I do it?


Do you have SIP license (assuming they are required) on the Mitel Box?

You just need a simple trunk configuration on both sides and the appropriate dialplan…I recently did this with a Toshiba PBX. I recall doing it through analog lines in the past as well.

A simple trunk configuration on the asterisk side with basic parameters like this:


That and a similar basic, simple SIP trunk on the Mitel side should allow the SIP traffic to navigate between the boxes. Ensuring the diaplan is appropriate for the systems (varies based on full PBX integration, only use for a conference bridge, voicemail system etc.)

Ensure the dialplan ‘catch’ on the asterisk side and Mitel side are also setup to process inbound calls.