Replacing present Nortel BCM (ISDN30) with Asterisk


I have only been made aware of this software, but it looks good and I wish to know if anyone in the uk has been able to replace an ISDN30 telephone system with this.

My company has ISDN 30 with 10 ative lines and DDI numbers for each user plus each department. A total of 60 DDI number - each user and group has a DDI number for voice and fax. We have 32 extensions across the main site and with this software could integrate our other three offices into the system.

I’m a complete newbie to integrating telephone lines with hardware/software, as prior to the Nortel BCM we had a Norstar meridian, therefore all we had to do was plug the telephones into the connectors.

The reason for asking this as a complete novice is that my company is looking into VOIP and to convert our present system would require an investment of about £10k for the new module and VOIP phones specific to the Norstar (Norstar’s very own).

If anyone can point me in the right direction for more specific advice I would be very grateful. I would then consider a test server to see how it works and to enable budger approval. We are using Sugarcrm and it would be grate to move to asterisk as I understand some developers are working on an integration.


I am disappointed that I have received no replies to my first post. Is this due to the fact the Asterisk cannot intergrate with uk ISDN30 and utilise DDI numbering.

What a real shame that the lack of response means that it is probably not worth pursuing this further.