Can I use Asterisk to have non PSTN Conference calls?

Hi all:

I am new to Asterisk. I could not get this question answered by reading the FAQs. Here is our situation. We are a small company with 30 employees and we collaborate with partners worldwide. Is it possible for us to use Asterisk to have a conference call with up to 25 people in it.

Each would use the SIP client on their desktop and ‘dial in’ to our Asterisk server and be connected in a virtual meeting. This is similar to peer-to-peer VOIP (like Skype - except Skype caps off at 5 simultaneous users. We need to have up to 25 people in the conference). Is this possible with Asterisk?

Please advise.



There are one book AsteriskTFOT - trere are a lot of explanations about how powerfull should be computer to handle this and that.
Asterisk (although I haven’t yet explored conference) should handle 25 connections - but what kind of computer you will need - I don’t know.
Problem is that Asterisk should mix 25 different channels… This is more than 25 channels running…

One suggestion - in this case codec without compression must be used - same codec for all connections - this will decrease penalty problems.

yes it can. … cmd+meetme
see also app_conference - some limitation(only one side speeking) but more users in it