Looking for suggestions to conference call

So, I’m a bit out of my league. I may be in the wrong spot but I’m really hoping someone can just push me in the right direction to the right site or forum or even give me some advice. I have a friend that is setting up a new conferencing call system. He has a conference call with up to 40 separate offsite POTS lines twice a week that are still in the same area code- somewhat local, and that lasts for over an hour and he is asking what the best/cheapest solution is for this need. I’ve spent days looking at web pages on Asterisk with VoIP and setting up a conference bridge server and online based tools such as freeconferencecalling.com. I am technically proficient enough to set up a Linux server with the necessary software on it but the person who will end up operating this system is not super computer savvy. So the system needs to be simple once setup. We have one telephone line coming into the building and a DSL internet connection. If anyone could give me any insight or thoughts into this situation, I would really appreciate it.

I’d put the Asterisk server where you have good connectivity and would get some DIDs from a good provider. Not sure you can do much with a DSL line to feed 40 channels :smile: