Need actual location of "Pager Email Address" script

Hey Team,

Version: asterisk 11.17.1 1

I have need to modify the content of the “Pager email address” content that is transmitted to a cell/pager.

I have tried to follow a few recommendation on modifying the voicemail.conf to create a voicemail context for each custom pager but it is not working. No matter what "[Feature] script I write not of it is working.

I know there is a for the actual message transmitted to a email, but where is the same type of file (say something like that contains the content for the message that is sent to the pager?



I see there are a couple settings for this inside voicemail.conf, Have you looked and tried to modify it there?

; You can also change the Pager From: string, the pager body and/or subject.
; The above defined variables also can be used here
;pagerfromstring=The Asterisk PBX
;pagersubject=New VM
;pagerbody=New ${VM_DUR} long msg in box ${VM_MAILBOX}\nfrom ${VM_CALLERID}, on ${VM_DATE}

It doesn’t appear to be based on features.conf at all.

That’s where the issues lay, within the voicemail.conf, that portion of code no longer exist there as it has been moved to in version asterisk 11.17.1 1…

I’ve tried to add a [Feature1] coding to the bottom of the voicemail conf (which now only list the parameters for each extension as such: 6296 => xxxx,xxxx,attach=yes|saycid=yes|envelope=yes|delete=no and it makes no differenc.) but it has no effect on the change I’m attempting.

The “Pager Email Address” string with in asterisk has been relocated somewhere else… I’m needing where that is so that I can modify the message displayed on the cell phone or pager.

Thank you

I see no reference to a anywhere in the Asterisk source.
I see the settings I referenced in Asterisk 13 which is the current version.
If your PBX is being managed by a third party front end you should contact the makers of it for support.

Ok, I see that…
So can you tell me then, were the code for the PAGER Email Address to initiate is?

Thank you…

voicemail.conf is read by app_voicemail.c. As @johnkiniston noted, you’ll probably want to deal with whatever frontend you’re putting on top of Asterisk is doing, rather than going down and modifying the source of Asterisk’s voicemail application itself.

Well, like here the front end is one where I have to post on a forum and wait for answers…

I am just trying to get an idea of where to start so that I can follow the code to get to where I want… Have to ave a starting place… Then I can see what the mods are and why they were done…