Pager voicemail options doesn't work


I’m using Asterisk 11.21.0.

My problem is turning around the pager options.
The goal is to create several voicemail contexts and for each one, need to make some custom pagerbody contents…

So, ok if i read your sample like this:

;4073 => 1099,Bianca Paige,,delete=1|emailsubject=You have a new voicemail.|emailbody=Click on the attachment to listen.|rip=2010-06-04

I think i could put some settings like this also.

100 => 1664,Accueil,,,attach=no|pagerfromstring=Feature1|pagersubject=Message|pagerbody=Nouveau|saycid=yes|envelope=yes|delete=no|

But unfortunately, the pager options don’t work!

So question:
The pager options should work in this case or not?
If yes, then how to make some custom pagerbody for each voicemail within each context?

Thanks for your help.