Name file mp3

Hello everyone,
thanks in advance. the switchboard interface
by APIs with my crm. I will make some
Voice recordings of calls made using the start and stop rec. the file is generated in the format "ctiuser-numerotel-cti-20110301-
xxxx.mp3. "I need to add another value
the file name (eg "idcommessa-ctiuser-numerotel-
20110301-cti-xxxx.mp3. "How can I do? what and where
I have to make changes to give the field to take?

sorry for my bad English

That depends on the software that creates those file names. Asterisk doesn’t do so on its own.

Incidentally, MP3 is a poor choice of file format for telephone quality speech. It will produce unnecessarily large files, which are expensive in CPU time to produce.

the files are always created the switchboard asterisk. the exchange creates two files in wave format (in / out) in the "/ tmp ". then convert this to mp3.

This is not being done by Asterisk. It is eitehr being done by some Asterisk GUI front end, or by some specific code that is part of your switchboard, or the product you bought, etc., to become the switchboard.

the switchboard is VOIPEROPEN.Do you know?

It appears only to be supported in Italy, and your requirements may go outside their standard support terms. The web site seems to be

There are indications that it is written in PHP, so a PHP programmer may be able to modify it for you.