Recording MP3 files from handset

Hi :smile:

I’ve search forums for this with no luck. Anyone got a good method/add-on/idea on how to convert the sound files recorded to MP3 format (rather than wav or .gsm).

Using a PHPAGI to record, and need the files to sit in the folder as .mp3.
I could get some codec to run on all files in the directory using a linux system command or something… but would MUCH prefer to hear if there is a good way Asterisk users are doing it.

Cheers Beers!

no, only system command.
format_mp3 only playing,not recording.
but you may use
exten => 1,1, REcord(file:wav)
exten => 1,2, SYtem(sox file.wav file.mp3)
or some thing else :wink: