Music on hold length

I just had a customer send me a 10 minute long file which she wants me to put in place as her music on hold. My questions is… Are there any adverse affects of using a music on hold file this long? Most files I have used are 3 minutes or less.

I don’t think there is anything to worry about here but I wanted to see what all you good folks here thought.

Asterisk 16

Asterisk itself doesn’t care about the length.

I guess I was just concerned that loading a larger MOH file for every call would may degrade performance on the Asterisk box, even if the say only 30 seconds of a 10 min MOH file was played. My thinking was that it made no sense to load a 10 minute MOH file when it would be very rare that more than 30 seconds to 2 min of it would be played. I ended up cutting it down to 10 minutes, then it will just loop. I wasn’t real worried either way, I was just curious. Thanks for the feedback.

The file is opened, not loaded. In practice that means that it will be loaded incrementally each time a further part of the file is needed, but it will be loaded into cache pages, not process memory pages, so those parts of it which haven’t recently been used will be removed from memory if memory is required for other purposes.

This is all done by Linux, not explicitly by Asterisk.

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