WellGate and Asterisk Music on Hold


A have a littel problem:

I’m using an FXO Wellgate with 2 port and Asterisk to make a small call-center (using agents and queues).

The problem appears on music on hold: the music sounds very strange, with many breaks and so on.

Any ideeas?

ThankYou a lot!

Best Regards,


anyone? :frowning:

Hardware to slow?
needs more ram?
wrong codec?


Hardware: P4 3Ghz Prescot with 1GB RAM.

A strange poit is that: when I use the MP3Player(the song), the music plays very well, the problem is only on Music On Hold.


You running asterisk ? AAh? Trixbox?

You got a ZAPTEL device installed or ztdummy installed???

maybe a timing thing…I think you had to do a manaul install of ztdummy if you do not have zaptel device.