Music on hold does not work on outgoing calls to voicepulse

Im having a strange problem.

When someone calls in using our voicepulse phone number and I put them on hold they hear the hold music but when I call out and put someone on hold they dont hear any hold music. The log shows that the ‘default’ hold music has started but they cant hear it.

The hold music works both ways for internal SIP/SIP calls ( I can call a coworkers desk and put them on hold and they hear the music.)

I have tried changing the music on hold format(ulaw,gsm) but that didnt change anything. I have also looked at our router logs and nothing is being blocked that I can see. The problem is only with music on hold, both partys can hear each other and the voicemail.

Any ideas on what the problem could be?

what is the output of rasterisk in extremely verbose mode?

Hi you need to look at your sip trace.
This is similar to an issue I had with aastra handsets and hold music stopping.

Have a look at … astra_480i
the bit of teh sip trace you need to look for is mentioned.


I ended up setting the phones canreinvite to no for another problem i was having and it fixed my music on hold problem.