MusciOnHold Problem


I’ve a problem with musci on hold, i use asterisk only as voip gateway (only sip), and from any extension to any other when i place a call on hold the music start, but when i receive a call from a registered sip provider if a phone put the call on hold caller doesn’t hear anything, any hint ?

I’ve tested mpg123, madpaly… also i’ve try to change audio format from mp3 to gsm… and alway work whitout any error from internal to internal phone.

With verbose 4 and debug 4, the only output that i see is:

  • Starting music on hold … default…
  • Stopped music on hold … (when i stop it)

Voip-info or google doesn’t help me enough… or probably i don’t do the right question…


Hi, this problem is known. the server in the internet is working according to the new rfc. the asterisk according the old one.

I have this problems with my Siemens phones. If you trace you see that tere is no invite packet sent to the internet, that you put someone on hold.

sadly you cannot change this behavior.


I’m having a similar problem. We use SIP phones in the office. If I call another SIP phone and place the call on hold, taking the call back causes the other party to not hear me anymore (but I hear them).

I’ve tested this with a SNOM 320, SwissVoice IP10s, and SJPhone. They all behave the same. This is a major problem IMHO.

Is this fixed in the DEV version at all?