Multiple voicemails at the same time on one phone line


I’m developing a comment “drop box” via phone for folks to leave feedback on an event. It’s a bit like a call center, but all calls go to voicemail.

The challenge is I have only one analog phone line to work with.

I was thinking:

  1. Create numerous SIP extensions in Asterisk, each with its own voicemail
  2. When caller1 calls the “drop box”, they will automatically be forwarded to a SIP extension from the huntgroup and asked to leave a voicemail message.
  3. When caller2 calls, the line will be busy, so they will be forwarded to another SIP extension to leave voicemail. Repeat this step for caller3, caller4 etc…

Would this work?

I’m new to asterisk - this is my “initiation project”. Hoping to get some guidance on this.



No. If the calls are coming in on the analogue line, you still only have one line. If they are coming in on SIP, the analogue line was a red herring, but the solution is over-complicated.

Yeah, all the calls would come from the telco land line. Is there a simpler way to do it?

This is a real simple thing to do if you just get a VoIP DID from a provider. If you use my provider you can even get “unlimited” incoming channels. Yay, no busy signals!

Link2Voip is my DID provider.

Great - looks like DID is the way to go. Too bad your provider doesn’t have any lines in East Africa. I’m looking for a DID that can work in East and West Africa. Will post notes on implementation.