Multiple Incomming Call on one number


I was searching thru internet and couldn’t find much solid answer yet…! :frowning:
I have asterisk server setup currently have a Broadvoice account for incomming & outgoing calls…

I want to setup asterisk such that multiple users can do simultanious call to one phone number.

Is this possible? how?

Thanks in advance! :smiley:

I know this is long after you posted the question, but I just solved this problem for myself with broadvoice. Here is how I got it to work.

I have four broadvoice accounts. For each Broadvoice account I made the following changes in the Broadvoice customer Web portal;

  1. Under Features->CallControl, disabled call waiting
  2. Under Features->Messaging, disabled voicemail
  3. Under Features->Premium, disabled distinctive ringing
  4. Under Features->Incoming, configured Call Forwarding Busy to go to the next number in the hunt sequence I desired

I tested it and it works fine – if line1 is busy, it rolls to line2, etc. The last line, of course, won’t have a forwarding number. You can use “Call Manager” applet to actually see a call come in on a particular number at Broadvoice, so you can observe the rollover happening.

One annoying Broadvoice application glitch: you can only be logged into one account at a time in the Web interface. If you try to log into more than one, the app gets confused and starts mixing up changes between accounts! Very bad behavior for a web application.

I also noticed that when I first tried using the Call Manager applet for each account, I was forced to change my login password for the Broadvoice web portal. This seems like a bug. I just changed the password back under the Accounts-ChangeYourLogin option.

Although this may be too late for you, perhaps others will find it useful. I know I searched high and low for the solution to this problem. I also got a serious bum steer from Broadvoice. They claimed that nothing could be done on their end, that inbound line hunting is an Asterisk configuration issue. I think they confused inbound line hunting with extension hunt groups.


P.S. Broadvoice supposedly supports two call appearances for each account, but I couldn’t get this to work with Asterisk. If I left Call Waiting enabled and made a call to Line 1 and then a second call to Line 1, asterisk saw the second call but gave some kind of weird “event not supported” message. I suspect this was because Broadvoice is sending a “call waiting” event or something. Disabling Call Waiting prevents a second call on the same line (you get a busy signal if ForwardOnBusy is not configured).

If you use other SIP service providers that do support multiple incoming calls on a single number and I have tested these fine. I normally use and they both support multiple incoming calls but other do as well.

also just to toss this in- $11/mo for a DID an unlimited incoming. outgoing is variable, .05c-1.1c depending on where you are dialing. you get 4 channels in and 4 channels out

But BroadVoice’s VoIP BYOD plan is just $5.95 for unlimited incoming, $9.95 for unlimited incoming and unlimited in-state outgoing. And broadvoice seems to have many more numbers than voicepulse – I can’t, for example, find any numbers with vp inside Santa Barbara county and precious few in the rest of southern California.

there are many, many providers out there that sell DIDs and minutes. The advantage to VPC is that you get 4 incoming and 4 outgoing audio channels- BV gives you two channels in or out. Also, IMHO VPC is a more reliable provider than BV. However if they don’t have the numbers you need then you obviously can’t use them. Check around though, somebody else will.