Multiple phones to one voicemail box

How can I have multiple phones to one voicemail box? I have 4 phones that I want to share the same box with. Is this possible?

Also, on a second note, I have the system setup to send an email with attachment of the voicemail itself. I get the email, but it never attaches the voicemail.

Here is an example line in my voicemail.conf file

1100 => 1103,1100,,,attach=yes|saycid=yes|envelope=no|delete=no|nextaftercmd=yes

Any thoughts on these two issues would be greatly appreciated.


to answer the first question, YES. voicemail boxes are really independant of phones. the way one sets up the dial plan is that when a call comes in to Asterisk, you forward the call (DIAL) to a phone. if the phone doesn’t answer, the call goes to voicemail. You can define the voicemail box as you choose.

so in the following example you have 2 phones reached on extension 777 and 888. Notice how in each case, if the phone is not answered, the call is sent to the same voicemail box (5000).

[code]exten => 777,1,Dial(SIP/phone1,20,thw)
exten => 777,2,Voicemail,u5000
exten => 777,102,Voicemail,b5000

exten => 888,1,Dial(SIP/phone2,20,thw)
exten => 888,2,Voicemail,u5000
exten => 888,102,Voicemail,b5000[/code]

Hey, Thanks.

That part works great, but when one of those phones dials 1399 (the voice mailbox number) it doesnt see that phone as that mailbox and asks for mailbox number. All the other phones that have individual mailboxes go right into the mailbox. Is there an additional step to make these 4 phones go directly into that mailbox when 1399 is dialed?

Here is the 1399 part from extensions.conf

;Voice mail Key on 79xx
exten => 1399,1,NoOp,${CALLERIDNUM}
exten => 1399,2,Background(silence/1)
exten => 1399,3,VoicemailMain(s${CALLERIDNUM})
exten => 1399,4,Hangup
exten => 1399,104,Hangup


change this line:
exten => 1399,3,VoicemailMain(s${CALLERIDNUM})


exten => 1399,3,VoicemailMain(s5000)

since you tell the Voicemail system that you want to check the voice messages in box CALLERIDNUM which is your extension’s number (777 or 888, not 5000).


And if you need this to work differently for the other phones, put the 5000 phones in a different context.

The different context did the trick.

Didnt even think about that.