Multiple Source Number in Call File Asterisk

i want to make call between 2 people which means i want to call the First person and if he answers it dials the second person’s number. First person has multiple numbers and it should dial each number one by one until one of them answers.

I’m using call file and using ‘Channel’ for First person(it’s expected the it should call the First person at the beginning then call the second person) and it consumes the ‘Dial’ application for making call with the second person call file:


is it possible to make multiple call in ‘Channel’ then make calls one by one? if so how can i make it happen?

remember, i don’t want this feature for destination numbers and i know how to make call with multiple destinations (Data:SIP/300&SIP/400)

thank you in advance, any suggestion would be great :slight_smile:

Use a local channel, which then dials the multiple party A numbers.

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