Multiple Questions: Replace 3com nbx

I have a couple questions:

  1. We have a 3com nbx v3000 with about 50 phones, 3102’s. Recently 3com started reselling the Asterisk 50 i think. This system is supposed to be compatible with the 3102’s. Do you think the 3102 phones will ever be supported with the asterisk open source edition?

  2. The reason we want to move over to the asterisk system is because of call recording features(which i dont think are supported on the business edition, which is why we dont want the Astereisk 50), no license costs and multiple other little things. Is there a way to connect the business addition with something like trixbox or asterisk now so we could do call recording but still use the 3102 phones?

  3. If we purchase the Asterisk 50, is there a call recording feature? I see that the appliance doesn’t have a hard drive and I cant find any info on it. I would think that would be a major feature that is requested alot.


From 3Com’s site it looks like the 3102 is a SIP based phone. I dont know if it will work with asterisk or not but if the SIP implementation is to the standard then it should work.

If you have 50 phones I would not suggest you get the Asterisk Appliance as you are already at its max supported level. A cheap server running either Open Source or Business Edition would be a much bettre solution.

Business Edition supports most of the same features as open source Asterisk it just lags behind (i.e. current Business Edition is still on the 1.2 branch). They both support recording as does trixbox.

My suggestion would be to buy\download the book Asterisk: The Futire of Telephony" and biuld a test box from and old desktop and try to get one of your 3102’s connected to it.

yes. I have set it up already on an old desktop with some aastra phones. The problem is that the 3102’s need to d/l the firmware from a call processor. I dont know if they have some update that they installed on the asterisk appliance to work, i called 3com but they wont give the firmware out. We would like to use our phones since we already have 50 of them but I dont think it is possible right now.

You say that the asterisk appliance stores calls but how does it work, do you need to attach some sort of network storage?


I actually have no idea if the Appliance supports recording. If it does I doubt it can store very much as there is only so much disk space available and is probably more meant for voicemail than recordings.

I would contact Digium and ask them.

I guess my question is why would you want to run a 3102 phone on the Digium version when 3Com’s version is the same price and offers special support for 3Com phones. For instance, the ability to program buttons through the GUI like you can on the NBX will be present on their version of the appliance, if not on the initial release (not sure) or shortly thereafter. They have made other enhancements too.