Please help! Asterisk and 3Com 3101

Hi guys, first time user.

We have set up Asterisk and Free PBX without a glitch but have probems connecting our ip phones to the system.

We have a 3com switch and 3com phones.

We have plugged them in to the switch and can ping the phones from the server.

However, on the 3com hand sets, the message 'Connecting to NCP… L2 (NCP MAC) … ’ is all we get.

Am I missing a configuration somewhere, please help!!!

AFAIK the 3101 isnt a native sip phone, Its waiting to get its image.

see … ct_nbx_100 as they have a similar issue.

I hope you didnt pay much for them :smile:

Also see

[quote]> I have been (un?)lucky enough to be given a 3COM 3101 phone as a demo to

play with and see if I can get it to work with ASTERISK. Supposedly it
is SIP, but there is absolutely no documentation with the phone and it
doesn’t seem to have very many programmable options. 3COM doesn’t seem
to have any information on their knowledge base about this particular

Has anyone had any luck getting one of these to work? It’s a nice
looking little phone, but so far that’s my entire assessment. I am at a
loss as to how to get Asterisk to recognize it since it doesn’t seem to
allow for me to set a username, secret, or for that matter anything more
than an IP address.

A while back (quite a while actually) someone on the list mentioned that
the 3com phones download their program from the 3com pbx every time they
power up. Without the program they are unable to operate. All this is
second- or third hand information.

Once bootstrapped they may be regular sip phones. Try searching the list
for “3com 3102”.


Good luck