Asterisk and 3Com

I am looking for information on using asterisk with 3Com products.

right now the formost questions are:

can these products work with asterisk?:
Phone 3C10281B
ATA 3C10120

I am trying to work out a system for someone.
They have a 3Com ip based switch. It is totally working.
They want to change to Asterisk.
They have lots of phones and ATA’s, (as above) that they don’t want to throw away, but use with Asterisk.
They also have a working 802.11g wireless network,
but it needs to be expanded.

what can be done?

given the stunning lack of pages google returns i think you’re onto a loser there. doesn’t the NBX stuff all download it’s firmware from the switch at powerup ?

have you tried any of this with an Asterisk or other SIP server ? the wiki is devoid of 3com pages (just about), so that doesn’t look good either.

have you looked at … /Itemid,1/ ?

I have not tried anything. the equipment is at another location. all I have is a copy of asterisk and a computer to run it on.
this makes it a little bit harder to figure out (to put it mildly) :confused:

I am a major league newbie here, but I may have an answer for you.
Most sip phones have a firmware operating system that you can configure or download a template from a TFTP server upon connect.
However, the 3com phones only have a bootloader and need to connect to a 3com nbx server to get their OS loaded. The 3com load is proprietary.
I wanted to use 3com 3102 phones with a new Asterisk install and found I could not.
Hope this helps.

thank you both, this has helped a little.
one thing that is not like most networks, they have no internet.
if they both use sip
they should comunicate, to some degree at least, shouldn’t they?

(what I look like) ------> :open_mouth: