Multiple Fax Destinations

I have a te220 dual pri card in my asterisk box that bridges my calls between my PSTN and Definity phone switch. The way it is set up now is that I have 3 analog fax machines hooked up to definity and asterisk passes the faxes just fine. As soon as I add faxdetect=incoming in my chan_dahdi.conf and a fax extension in extentions.conf, then all my faxes for my 3 dedicated fax lines get redirected to my fax extension and not the dedicated ones where they belong. My end goal is to keep those 3 dedicated fax machines working and also allow for individual sip station to have fax to email as well. Is that possible to have both? Any idea or sugestions would be most appreciated on how to accomplish this. I am running asterisk and dahdi 2.6 on Centos 6.2 32 bit. Thanks,


you can use different context for your channels .

It’s a 24 port t1 card and each call can come in from any of the 23 available ports, so I don’t think I can seperate them that way. All 23 dahdi ports come into 1 group and 1 context.

How to you dedicate your fax machines ? by routing DID ?

Yes! We have 100 DID’s and our fax DID’s are 6035, 6099, and 6088.

exten=> _60XX,1,Dial(DAHDI/g2/${EXTEN})

This works great until I set faxdetect=incoming in my chan_dahdi.conf and a fax extension in extentions.conf. Then all the incoming faxes get routed to the fax extension instead.

Its hard to find the problem without log . Do your analog faxes start ringing and answering the call when you dial DIDs ? Could you copy the log when they ring and answer the call ?