Faxdetect redirecting outbound faxs

Hi All,

I have a customer with an interesting issue that I cannot seem to resolve. They recently installed a trixbox setup with the latest updates on it. Asterisk version is

Incoming faxs work fine. The call comes into the PBX, faxdetect recognizes it as a fax, and redirects the call to the fax extension.

However, on outbound fax from the fax machine, faxdetect still recognizes it as a fax…and redirects it back to the fax extension, which of course is busy sending a fax.

They are all analog, with channel 1 being the fax machine and channels 3 and 4 being the PSTN lines. Watching the CLI, I can clearly see where Asterisk is stating “Redirecting DAHDI/3 to fax”.

I have checked the chan_dahdi.conf ad nauseum. Faxdetect is set for incoming. When I disable it, faxs go out fine, but of course asterisk does not detect the incoming ones.

Does anyone have any ideas on how I can go about diagnosing this one ? Anyone else have any similar issues ?


The AstMonkey