How auto-detect fax?

Hi, i have a friend that have installed asterisk-1.8.x and he as me about how to detect a inbound fax call: I explaint my self:
How to detect and inboud call and redirect that call to an specify context,extension and priority?

Does asterisk-1.8 have this feature enable? How to do it? Please post and a little example :wink:

NOTE* He is using analog lines (TDM400P card)

If the call is determined to be a fax, based upon the receipt of fax tones, then it’ll fall over to a special extension in the current context called “fax.”


Ok, How to configure dahdi to detect if the call is fax or not?
Im using analog channels “TDM400P” How to detect if the tones are froma fax machine or not?
Hopw how configure this?

google is easy to use… asterisk faxdetection

I think your looking for the information down the page after this heading: “Can Asterisk act as a fax/voice switch?”