Fax detect and send to ATA with fax machine

I am trying to get asterisk to detect an incoming fax from an fxo port on a digium AEX800P and send it to a SIP extension that goes to a Grandstream ht286 ATA connected to a fax machine.

The system is:
Dahdi 2.4.0
Freepbx 2.7x

I can send faxes using this rig but I cannot get the fax detect to work and send it to this extension.

Do I need a Fax for Asterisk license from Digium to make this work?

I have the echo cancellation turned off on the ata and set fax to “pass-through”.

I have faxdetect=incoming set in chan_dahdi.conf

In freepbx I have set the incoming route to detect faxes and chose the extension for the ata/fax machine. I have fax detect type set to dahdi and fax detection time of 4 seconds.

i could not find a how to on this no matter how hard I Googled and I couldn’t find anything searching these forums with the same scenario.

Could someone please give me some hints and check my settings above for a possible mistake.

Do you not have an available DID that you can have go directly to the fax device? Or would this not resolved your problem?

The client has 2 pots lines and needs to use the 2nd one for voice and the fax. They only have 2 phone numbers so the DID to fax machine isn’t really possible.