Multiple Calls for a Single Call

Asterisk is sending 13 calls to the SBC when a user makes a call. Ask your questions, I need some help.

What is an SBC? What is your evidence that it is doing this? Why haven’t you volunteered enough information to given any chance of answering the question.

I wasn’t sure what information is needed/wanted. An SBC is our Session Border Controller, an Acme Packet Net-Net 3820. I have a WireShark capture of a test call that shows 13 calls to the SBC (to go out to the PSTN). What info do you need?

Does that mean you are using SIP?

You obviously need to identify the version of Asterisk.

You should provide the relevant parts of the Asterisk dialplan. You should also provide console logging at at least verbosity 3. Assuming this is SIP on both sides I think you need to provide sip history logging. You may need to provide the wireshark or sip set debug on logging.

Are you sure that Asterisk isn’t simply making thirteen attempts to make one call, which is what would happen if your VoIP firewall (which the marketing page for the device suggests is what it is) were silently dropping INVITE packets. It would also happen if the response was malformed so as not to match.

I’m not sure if 13 is the right number of retries, but if it is, you should see an exponential back off.